Saying Goodbye Doesn’t have to be Hard


Writing a eulogy for a friend or family member is an honor and one of the most difficult tasks that will ever be asked of you. It’s an honor because loved ones know you will tell the real story of their family, and it’s hard because how do you sum up a person’s life in a short funeral speech?

One of the first things you want to do is brainstorm all the your ideas, and then put them into categories. Then make sure you use specific examples and anecdotes to tell the story. For example, my father-in-law always made everyone’s birthday cakes. That tidbit had to be included in the eulogy or I would’ve let the family down.

Once you have determined all that needs to be included in the eulogy, begin writing, and write as you speak. Don’t try to be all formal and perfect. Family members need to hear your voice tell a story. They don’t need or want a perfect essay read to them. They want memories and the true voice of the deceased and you. You have been chosen for this presentation because you were close to the deceased and the family knows you will tell the story.

Use this opportunity to pay tribute to someone you and they have loved. This is your opportunity to say that final goodbye with stories, passion, maybe a little connection to scripture, and most of all reality.

Don’t let this opportunity make you nervous. In fact, it’s cathartic because most likely you are also saying goodbye to someone you love. Let the stories and truth flow, and you will comfort the grieving and you will give final peace to all who hear the sweet words you present at a very sad time.

No one should waste this honor of giving a funeral speech to a loved one. Tremendous effort is expected to be heard from your speech. Though it’s not that always simple, you can find some guidelines into writing a great funeral discourse at

If You Use a Fake Doctors Note, at Least Look like You’ve Been Sick

Best Dr. Notes

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Someone may decide to use a fake doctors note for one reason or another. In most cases, it’s because there is an emergency that has come up. Fake doctors notes can be used for work or school. Anybody can use a fake doctors note if they need to. There are situations that may arise that one may have no control over. For instance, if a child suddenly became sick and there was no one at home to watch them. As a parent, you would want to stay home with your sick child. However, you may not want to use that as an excuse to miss work. Perhaps you have already used up all your sick off days. This is a time when a fake doctor note would come in handy. (You can learn more at:

Doctor’s notes & templates are documents that are required by companies when their employees want to get back to work after being absent for a day or more. These notes will prove that their excuses are valid and should be honored. Failing to provide such document will lead to termination of contract.

Making it look real

The way these notes work is that they copy the real thing to the last dot. They are supposed to look as authentic as possible. This is one thing to always look at when using one. When you decide to use a fake doctors note, then there are some things that one must have in mind. One thing that would be included in the note is the type of illness that one is suffering from. It may be an ailment or an injury. This is where some people go wrong. Part of making the fake note work is to back it up. This means providing physical proof of what the note says.

As for previous users, having someone to write in the information is somehow helpful. A physican’s sick excuse must be signed before doctors issue them. But to sign it on your own will surely cause trouble. You can ask a friend or two for assistance.

f16If you’re having trouble in making your doctor’s not to look real, there is another option for you to choose. You can get printable doctors notes and it will end up your dilemma of finding one on time. Printed notes are pre-designed from templates that usually comes from a physician. It has all the necessary elements to make it look real. this will save you the time and resources you might need when trying to create one from scratch. (A great place for this is here.)

A note may state that you were out with an injured wrist for instance. You cannot show up to work with a wrist that looks tanned because you were taking some time on the beach. That would raise all kinds of flags. A believable fake doctors note has to be accompanied by a good performance. You have to bandage that wrist if you have to because you can’t fake swelling. This is to help sell the whole thing. You can even carry around some pain medication. This would help convince people.

Acting the part

Forgetting to act the part will be one way to get yourself into trouble. There are some instances where nobody will even notice. In a large company sometimes is hard to tell who is in and who is not. Sometimes maybe only the immediate boss notices. This would be easy to deal with. You may not even need to act at all because nobody cares. There are other situations that are different. There are some work places where everybody knows everybody. This is when you have to make it look real.

You cannot take a fake doctors note to your principal at school that states that you twisted your ankle and then start running around the place. Of course people will know it’s not true. This is why one should be very careful about the details that go into the fake doctors note. There are some illnesses or injuries that will only inconvenience you. A note that says you were out with a stomach bug or a case of the flu is easy to pull off. This is a very important factor that people should consider when getting fake doctors notes whether it’s for work or school.

However, you should not take for granted the possibility of those fake doctors notes to come in your way. Therefore, you must always remember to take caution when making a purchase online. You don’t want to get into trouble! To avoid these mess, you should get your notes from trusted sellers like, the site which I often get my doctor’s notes. (Learn more here)

Notes at are of high quality and it have a long list of good feedback from their customers that their products really work.

Should I Set Up A Sick Time Bank At My New Company?

A sick time bank is set up to provide an employee that used up all their paid sick leaves with more days. An employee may be ill or have an injury that requires them to be out of the work for more time than their contract allows. This is where the sick leave bank comes in. An employee can request for more paid sick time from the bank. There are different regulations that govern sick leave banks in different states. Each state will have its rules when it comes to employees and sick time banks. A sick leave bank is advantageous in terms of emergencies like sudden illness. This may be personal or for a family member.

Setting up a bank

There are statutes that have been put in place to regulate sick time banks. These should be followed to the letter when setting up the bank. There are some basics, however that will be present in all regions. For one, there are a minimum number of members that are required to set up a bank. In most cases, that number would be 20. Each of these members is required to fill out an enrollment form. They are also required to donate some of their sick days to the bank. The application form will clearly state the minimum number of days that a member must contribute to the sick bank.


When starting out at a new company, one may wonder if there is need to set up a sick leave bank. There are several things that one must look at before making this decision. The advantage of having a sick leave bank is that one can get those extra paid sick days when they need to. One cannot be sure what will happen in the future. You cannot be sure that a medical emergency won’t come up in the future and put you out of circulation for a while. It’s best to prepare yourself for it. Having a sick leave bank is a good way to do that.

Understand the implications

Having a sick leave bank is something an employee should consider carefully. First and foremost, they must understand what the whole thing entails. One must look at the regulations that have been put in place. The members’ provisions of the bank, it’s also been carefully considered. This would make a lot of difference. When you have considered all these, then one can make an informed decision. It wouldn’t help to enroll into a sick time bank without understanding what the implications are.

There are also very clear definitions of what constitutes emergencies. This is one thing that some people don’t pay close attention to. When applying for a sick leave, one must state for what purpose. It is important to know what the bank considers an emergency and you will qualify for the leave. Emergencies are not only for individuals, they may be family related too. This is also something else that a bank will clarify on. Not very member of the extended family will qualify for a family emergency. These are all things that one should take caution with when looking, to set up a sick time bank.

If You Have Diabetes Be Sure To See A Podiatrist Too

Diabetes comes with a host of other health risks. A diabetic is prone to more infections and diseases than someone without diabetes. This is why diabetics are advised to take proper care of themselves. One of the biggest risks that diabetics are exposed to are foot injuries and infections. This is one thing that diabetics are always advised on. Diabetes may cut off blood supply to the feet. This makes it hard for the feet to feel anything. This means that even if someone got hurt, they wouldn’t feel it. This can be very dangerous. There are so many risks that one is exposed to.

Health risks to the feet

There have been numerous cases of diabetics having to get their legs amputated due to infections. This is because they suffer easily from peripheral neuropathy. This puts them at higher risk when it comes to foot injuries. Keeping the feet healthy is one of the things that a diabetic person needs to do. It’s the best way to make sure that nothing risky happens. This may mean getting professional help. Seeking the advice of a podiatrist is always recommended. This is because they can help keep the feet healthy at all times.

There are many considerations to make for someone with diabetes when it comes to their feet. For one, the feet may be prone to swelling. There are cases where the feet will get calluses and blisters. This is why people are always advised to wear shoes that fit. Ill fitting shoes may cause injuries that one may not notice in time. Due to the diabetes, the injuries on the feet heal at an irregular pace. This may lead to infections that may result in other health risks. This is why seeing a podiatrist is a good idea. A podiatrist will tell you what to do to make sure that the feet are taken care of.

Keeping the feet healthy

When someone is suffering from diabetes, the health risks are numerous, but the feet are the most vulnerable. For someone who smokes, the blood circulation to the feet may become very low. This may lead to a lot of other health problems. Foot conditions pose a major risk to diabetics. This is why a podiatrist will come in handy. If you are not sure what to do to keep your feet healthy, the podiatrist will help with that. They can tell you what to eat and what to do to keep your feet in good health. This contributes greatly to managing the condition.

The insensitivity in the feet that is caused by neuropathy and poor circulation should never be taken for granted. Foot care should be at the top of the list for anyone living with diabetes. The feet must get the proper care to make sure that nothing happens. There are orthotics and other footwear that is recommended for a diabetic. Talking to a podiatrist can help know more about this. There are also some daily exercises that will help keep the feet in shape, so to speak. A podiatrist can recommend a few things to do to ensure that the feet do not get affected from the diabetes.

Don’t Ignore Female Problems – Get Yourself to The Gynecologist

The human body is a unique organism. There are so many factors that affect how the body functions. Individual body functions are also very different. Female bodies for one will function differently from male bodies. This is something that people are reminded of every day. This is why people have specialists like gynecologists. These are doctors that specialize in female problems. These can be anything from menstrual related issues to pregnancies. There are a lot of reasons why one would need to see a gynecologist. Everyone knows how their body operates. They know when they are 100% and when something is wrong. When something is wrong, then there is need to seek help as soon as possible.

Being cautious

There are some people that don’t take female problems seriously. This can turn out very badly for such people. Female problems should never be ignored. Some problems that one may view to be insignificant may turn out to be quite serious. This is why every single problem that one suspects should be looked into. Taking preventative health measures is always a good idea. This may save someone from future health problems. This means going to the gynecologist for that. Someone may be wondering exactly when the right time is doing that.

What to watch out for


There are a few female problems that should warrant a visit to the gynecologist. One of those is bleeding between menstrual cycles. In some cases, this may be a normal thing and one shouldn’t worry. There are cases however, when the spotting is painful and heavy. This is something that should definitely be checked out. The chances are that the vagina has suffered some sort of injury. If one is pregnant and this happens, then it could be a miscarriage. In some cases, it may turn out to be cervical cancer. If bleeding between periods is not something that normally happens to you, then a visit to the gynecologist is definitely recommended.

There are some cases where the menstrual cycle is irregular. Any female knows what their cycle is like. If you have always had 4 days of menstruations and then suddenly they are lasting more than a week, then you definitely need to see a doctor. There are also some people that may experience dizzy spells during menstruation and this should be a cause for alarm too. Some of these cases may be due to some hormonal imbalance or other conditions like uterine fibroids, thyroids or some other kind of infection. If your menstrual cycle is suddenly giving you cause for concern, then seeing a gynecologist is advisable.

Pelvic pain is also something else that a female should always watch out for. There are many reasons why someone would be having pelvic pains or abdominal discomfort. In some cases, it may turn out to be uterine fibroids or ovarian cyst or even an ectopic pregnancy. There is also a condition where the uterus lining grows on the outside. This may also cause those abdominal and pelvic pains. These are some of the female problems that one should be watching out for. Regular check-ups are a good idea. One should make sure that they have scheduled visits to their gynecologist to make sure that everything is alright.

You might be the type of person that don’t like others know their personal problems, especially sensitive issues in their body. If you’re not yet married, going to see an OB might impose that you’re pregnant or have some STD. So, instead of telling the truth to your employer or supervisor, you might want to use doctor excuse at tourdawoods as a way to cover up you going to an OB-Gyne.